Esquire: Just How Big Has Tim Tebow Become?

My article in Esquire about Tim Tebow: “How Can You Hate Tim Tebow?” Well, how can you? Here is the beginning of it.

SAN DIEGO — So there were about four minutes left in regulation and Tim Tebow actually set still those miraculously restless feet of his for a goddamn second and threw an actual pass up into the Sunday sun. Somewhere underneath with his arms extended ran Eric Decker, a kid from Minnesota who is dating a pretty country singer by the name of Jessie James, but that’s another story. Everywhere around them, in every section of this old concrete monastery to sub-par football, the Tebow faithful held their arms out wider still and sniffed, as if breathing the same bratwurst-infused air as No. 15 was going to get them closer to Our Lord and Savior, or something. They were not visiting, the faithful. They were already home, looking for what they did not know. The Denver Broncos were in field-goal range, and one of them cried…

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