I am the author of two books: The Galloping Ghost: Red Grange, an American Football Legend (Houghton Mifflin, 2008) and PacMan: Behind the Scenes with Manny Pacquiao–The Greatest Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World (Da Capo, 2010)

Praise for PacMan:  Behind the Scenes With Manny Pacquiao:

“Gary Andrew Poole’s excellent biography of boxing’s pound-for-pound kingpin is absolutely worth the read.”–Sports Illustrated

“This is good, one for the ages. It’s a fantastic book. It’s not the work of a ridiculous fan boy. It’s quality. If you listen to me enough, you know I don’t endorse books that are garbage.”–Steve Bunce, the BBC

“Genius deserves genius and Poole has produced a brilliant book on the Pacquiao legend…A masterpiece.”–The Philippine Inquirer

“It is an amazing behind-the-scenes look into the life of Manny Pacquiao. Poole had tremendous access while he traveled the world reporting and observing the fighter. The effort has paid off for the readers because the book is brutally honest. Poole takes you on a one-of-a-kind ride into the one-of-a-kind life of Manny Pacquiao.”–New York Newsday

“Poole takes you on a journey to Planet Pacquiao and it couldn’t have been a better read…I loved the book from beginning to end, it’s a fantastic, entertaining and informative read…and I consider it to be as good as any boxing biography my hands have ever touched.”–Boxing Insider

“The book is an amazing tale of how a reed-thin Filipino, who left his home in the poorest pocket of the Philippines (“The City of Dust”) at the age of 15 to become a boxer, became one of the most recognizable names and faces in the world. I recommend it.”–Dallas Morning News

“PacMan tells the rags to riches story of this remarkable boxer who has begun a journey which will see him transcend the sport. It is a fine biography.”–Gareth Davies, The Daily Telegraph

“If you don’t know Pacquiao’s amazing story, Poole will open your eyes. If you know Pacquiao already, Poole will help you know him more deeply. And with a masterful guide like Poole leading you down the path, you’ll enjoy the experience immensely.”–The Queensberry Rules

“Offers fascinating insight into the PacMan’s crowded life.”–The Daily Mail

“Well written and provides fresh in-sight into the life of the world’s most-popular boxer.”–The Ring

Praise for The Galloping Ghost:

“Football’s first superstar played with a ballerina’s grace and a bull’s power, but as Gary Andrew Poole shows in The Galloping Ghost, there was more. 21st-century fans will benefit from his reburnishing of the legend.”– Sports Illustrated

“The book is a terrific read.”– Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News

“You can almost feel the hits Grange took from defensive players and nearly taste the mud… This book is ideal for any football fan. I had chills reading it.”– (Chicago) Sun-Times News Group

“Red Grange may have been the best football player of all time, but hardly anyone talks about him the way baseball fans talk about Grange’s contemporary, Babe Ruth. Gary Andrew Poole’s new biography fills in the blanks of the life of a football legend.”– Bob Edwards, The Bob Edwards Show

“Red Grange was the most important figure in the history of American football, both college and pro, and Gary Andrew Poole’s extremely well-researched biography of the man, The Galloping Ghost, sheds new light on Grange’s career, from his days as a young phenom to his barnstorming around the country as an American hero to his ultimate decline and fall. It is a fascinating read.” — William Nack, author of Secretariat and Ruffian

“Poole traveled the country for two years to meticulously research Grange’s life. The book is a quick, lively, unpretentious read that captures Grange’s greatness as well as his day, and clearly details his role in the growth of the game. I would recommend this to football fans, as much as I recommended Michael Lewis’ ‘The Blind Side.'”– Ethan Skolnick, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“With superb reporting and deft writing, Gary Andrew Poole pulls off his version of a spectacular Grange touchdown run, invigorating a legendary sports story with energy and new detail. Grange’s inner life is explored as broken-field runs come alive and a controversial saga plays out.” — John Eisenberg, author of That First Season